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Wiki managers are users who can approve or decline wiki requests. They can change sitename, default language, and category using Special:ManageWiki for all wikis. They can also (un)mark a wiki as closed, private, or inactive using Special:ManageWiki.

Appointment[edit | edit source]

Users may be nominated or nominate themselves for the role of wiki manager by placing a request on Meta:Requests for permissions. When the nomination is accepted (if nominated by someone else, otherwise submitting the request is immediate acceptation), a request must stay open for at least three (3) days. During this period anyone from the Community may Symbol support vote.svg Support, Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral or Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose a candidate's request.

Unlike some other user groups, there is no minimum support percentage for the wiki manager role. A steward will close the request and make a decision based on the comments from the Community.

Removal of rights[edit | edit source]

Inactivity[edit | edit source]

Wiki managers who have not contributed to the community in any form for at least three months may have their rights removed.

Revocation[edit | edit source]

A wiki manager's rights may be removed by a steward shall a wiki manager a) repeatedly violate the Content Policy when managing wikis or otherwise b) misuse their rights. The rights may also be removed by a system administrator if the wiki manager (potentially) causes damage (from a technical view) or creates unreasonable workload for system administrators. If you feel a wiki manager is misusing their privileges, please contact a steward.

Readdition of rights[edit | edit source]

Wiki managers who have had their rights removed by a steward or system administrator, regardless of reason, may request their rights back by following the #Appointment procedure.

System administrators[edit | edit source]

System administrators (see this page for a list of current system administrators) may be granted these privileges without community appointment and are also exempt from any activity requirements. However, the inactivity exemption ends immediately from the moment a user is no longer in the system administrator group.