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The Volunteer Conduct Policy (VCP) is a user conduct policy which is directed towards Miraheze volunteers (such as local Meta permission holders and global permission holders) from whom the community holds to a higher standard of conduct. Along with the Miraheze Spaces Code of Conduct and Global Conduct Policy, Miraheze volunteers must also comply with this policy.

General Conduct

This section outlines general conduct principles which all Miraheze volunteers must abide by.

Be courteous. You represent Miraheze (in a way)! Even if you hold low advanced permissions, some users may confuse you for a 'staff' member just because you have an extra button you can press that they can't. Therefore, make sure your conduct reflects well on Miraheze. Be nice and courteous, even if people do annoy you. Remember, we're all part of the same community, so be friendly and be welcoming!
Be respectful. Our volunteers are held to higher standards of conduct. Thus, we never let escalate disagreement or frustration into personal attacks or harassment. We, of all people, work together to resolve conflicts, assume good faith, and do our best to act in an empathic fashion - we set the example of how to do this. A hostile environment where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one and harms the project, our users, and you. Always assume good faith and work together to resolve disputes amicably or seek assistance if you can't come to an agreement.
Be patient. Our users come from all different backgrounds. Some may be very technically inclined and may have no problems understanding your instructions. Others may be completely new to the concept of wikis, wikitext, or even MediaWiki itself. It is important to be patient with them. If possible, guide them through our processes. Don't get annoyed or angry if they don't understand something you may find easy (such as creating a page, using ManageWiki, or basic page formatting) or if they themselves get frustrated when they don't understand things. If you lose patience with someone, let someone else help that user. An outburst of anger will only discourage and hurt the user who will leave the project with an bad impression. Even if a user displays issues with competence, be patient with them or if your patience has reached a limit, simply leave the conversation.
Work together in unity. Miraheze is not a one-man show. Our volunteers are what drive the project! Always work amicably with other volunteers. Always seek input from your peers; don't try to take big decisions unilaterally, this has backfired on many in the past. If you have questions regarding things such as how to handle wiki request or handle a case, seek feedback from your fellow peers, don't be afraid to ask. We work together for the benefit of our users, therefore, if you have a disagreement with another volunteer, try to resolve it. If you can't resolve it on your own, contact an immediate superior to you such as an Engineering Manager, a Steward, administrator, bureaucrat, or another user who can help mediate. Even if you don't get along with another volunteer, if you are required to, work together with them for the benefit of our project. Don't be belligerent and don't stir up more issues with them. This only hurts our project, our users and most importantly, you.
Don't abuse your power. Use any rights granted to you correctly. Never overstep the boundaries set by policy and never use your powers to harass or intimidate others, 'power show', or to force your view in editorial disputes. If you are unsure about an action, contact a Steward who can help guide you on proper procedure. Overstepping the boundaries set by policy or harassing others will result in your actions being referred to the community for review or immediate revocation in certain cases, as defined by relevant policy. Advanced permission holders should also never show off their rights to impress or intimidate others, this is disrespectful and may be construed as an abuse of power in some circumstances.
Ask for help. Don't carry the world on your shoulders. Nobody is be perfect. You of all users are expected to ask for help. This is a team effort so ask for help whenever you need it. Also ask for help if you have a question; asking questions and second opinions early on helps avoid many problems later on. Never be afraid to ask for help!


Stewards, along with Meta administrators and bureaucrats for roles they oversee, will be in charge of enforcing this policy on wiki. Platform moderators will enforce this on their respective platforms.


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