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Dude. Screw off. ur acting like an autistic retard.[edit source]

Miraheze cant do anything about ur stoopid website. Nobody cares. ur site is dead and only has one active editor which is a british rich brat that thinks she knows about american politics. oh, and you live in a red state. what makes you think you know anything about american politics. also, az is dismantled. whoever the hell is attacking you, isnt us. screw off. we didnt go to miraheze to escape our consequences. its cuz fandom deleted our wiki and g-blocked half of our users for no reason. ok? also, i would be in jail with the rest of my group if i was hacking. SCREW OFF.

also[edit source]

ur stalking us. "oh, az is stalking us." oh ya retard. says the person that just order some of our articles to be deleted. ur so stupid.