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September 2021[edit source]

Stop x nuvola.svg
You have been blocked from editing Miraheze Meta indefinitely as a result of your disruptive edits. Please note that vandalism (including page blanking or addition of random text), spam, deliberate misinformation, privacy violations, personal attacks, legal threats; and repeated, blatant violations of our policies will not be tolerated.
~ RhinosF1 - (chat)· acc· c - (     online) 11:39, 26 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Unblock[edit source]

I only did it once, can i please be unblocked? I won't do it again i want a 2nd chance. MountWario (talk) 16:39, 26 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

You've gone off on people a few times while on the other hand asking for more chances. --Raidarr (talk) 16:40, 26 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
X mark.svg Not done ~ RhinosF1 - (chat)· acc· c - (     online) 06:18, 27 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Looking at your contributions, I'm seeing mostly disruptive behaviour on stewards' noticeboard. Nevertheless, I am always in favour of second, or even third, chances, but I agree with RhinosF1 that I'm not satisfied in fully unblocking you. However, to prove yourself, I've modified your indefinite sitewide block to an indefinite partial block from stewards' noticeboard, which can be expanded to one or more namespaces or changed back to a sitewide block if disruption continues. If, on the other hand, you behave positively, it could be lifted in a month's time or so. Dmehus (talk) 03:32, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]