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Meta editing restriction[edit source]

Hi Instance,

While I realize this is this account's first warning from a Meta administrator, as you've previously identified that this the "role account" of User:404 Error, you have already had numerous warnings from several administrators on Meta.

As such, given that you had your Meta topic ban and sitewide block conditionally removed only two days ago, it is quite concerning that you saw fit to repeat your same problematic behaviour by, again, starting this community discussion local Oversight and CheckUser on community noticeboard, which patroller @HeartsDo: has reverted. Please also don't change the page's archive timeframe, especially not to as a fewer than 14 days.

Given that you had promised not to create RfCs in your unblock request, broadly speaking, this is an invitation for the community to comment on a community proposal. Construed broadly, this was a de facto RfC. Nonetheless, I will assume good faith that you may have construed it more narrowly as a Requests for Comment.

Nevertheless, given your multiple warnings and demonstration of not having understood the message, I have no choice but to indefinitely restrict you from creating community proposals at Requests for Comment or community noticeboard, and related noticeboards, construed very broadly. The sanction may be appealed at Meta:Administrators' noticeboard after a period of not less than three months from today. To log this Meta sanction, you will notice a one second block on Meta.

Please kindly govern yourself accordingly. And, I would just add that you should consider yourself fortunate that it was me who noticed this and took action, otherwise you likely would've found yourself sanctioned more harshly

Dmehus (talk) 10:49, 11 October 2020 (UTC)Reply