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About my wiki request[edit source]

Is it declined? It seems like you forgot to accept mine

Your Wiki Request[edit source]


I regret to inform you that I have declined your request for Outrageous TheTopTens Lists and Users Wiki. My reasoning for this is, you have already requested (and been given) multiple wikis on this farm. Most of those wikis are actually closed because they have seen no activity in at least 60 days. Miraheze unfortunately has limited resources that must be shared across 100,082+ users. If you disagree with my decision, I would advise you to seek help from the Stewards via the Stewards' noticeboard. Thank you -EK📝🌎 21:14, 10 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]

By the way I closed 5 wikis a week ago — Preceding unsigned comment added by BadBrakes (talkcontribs)