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Account confirmation required[edit source]

Hi Alairma,

I noted that you created this account a mere three days ago, yet already you have apparently amassed an incredible degree of knowledge and awareness as to the more prominent Reception wiki users, their patterns of behaviour, problems on said wikis, and the like. In my capacity as an administrator on Meta, it is my obligation to ensure that user accounts policy, together with our other global policies, are both upheld, respected, and functionally enforced on Meta. As such, I am concerned that you may be either (a) impersonating another user or be (b) an alternate account of another user.

Accordingly, I am requiring of you to either:

  1. Disclose all previous account(s) you've created on Miraheze; or,
  2. Confirm your Alairma account on an established non-Miraheze wiki (i.e., Wikimedia, Fandom, etc.) was created at least 3-6 months ago and that it remains in good standing.

Please note that failure to comply with this reasonable request will result in one or more of a range of possible next steps occurring, to protect both the security of this account and other Miraheze users.

Dmehus (talk) 15:09, 15 October 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]