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Gyaanipedia[edit source]

Hello, I am Matttest. You may have seen me in Chinese Wikipedia (not really large edits: only 800 with same username), but I don’t edit frequently now, even on yuewiki. Now, I represent the Chinese Gyaanipedia community to welcome you to join and edit Chinese Gyaanipedia. I can see your efforts in editing Chinese Wikipedia before, and it’s so sad that you’ve been globally banned. I hope you can contribute to this wiki to collect pages that are deleted by Chinese Wikipedia (not like zhdel, we only collect pages that are fixed and amended by our editors after deletion). If you have further inquiries about this, ask at here or at my user talk page at meta or Chinese Gyaanipedia. If you want to become an admin, Read our page about adminship in our page here and request it in the last section. Again, we hope that you can join and influence our decisions of the community. Thank you for reading this!

P.S I message you here because you won’t be able to reply me in the Wikimedia meta wiki page.

Matttest (talk) 09:33, 30 November 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Matttest: 嗨,这里是游魂,很感谢你的问候。很遗憾,我目前没有时间精力担任你网站的管理员。顺便一提,我记得Xiplus的“已删百科”也托管在Miraheze上,和你的网站拥有类似的宣言。也许你会有兴趣看看他的努力,或试着和他交流一下。祝你在Miraheze度过愉快的时光。--ShriekingSouls (Email me) 09:40, 12 December 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

你好,游魂,我看到你被Global ban的樣子,爲你默哀。[edit source]

打個招呼。不過分吧? SAE (talk) 03:26, 22 December 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@SAE: 嗨,感谢你的问候,这不过分。祝你在Miraheze度过愉快的时光。--ShriekingSouls (Email me) 14:46, 15 January 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]