User accounts policy

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Combining several proposals from this request for comment, this policy outlines Miraheze's views on account usage.

Shared user accounts

User accounts may be shared under the following conditions:

  • Shared accounts must be disclosed (indicated as being shared) on the respective accounts Meta userpage. This is to enforce the following condition:
  • Shared accounts may not be given any global permissions; it will be up to local wiki staff to determine if shared accounts should have local rights.
The reasoning for this is that, like not being able to track contributions of shared accounts reliably, any user of a shared account with global permissions could use those permissions, not just the real person that requested them.

Multiple accounts

Users are allowed to have multiple user accounts.

  • Multiple accounts belonging to the same person may be blocked as a group or individually depending on the severity of any misuse, this is up to the blocking/locking staff member
  • Users are not required to disclose multiple accounts, but failure to do so could be considered abuse of multiple accounts under certain circumstances. Please use common sense.
  • Keep in mind account creation can be considered a type of spam. Please only create accounts you intend to use.

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