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    I am the wiki owner of Language Web, a wiki with all the information you need to become fluent in any language.

    Language ability[edit source]

    I am also a trilingual in English, spanish, and japanese and i am also learning

    another language, Simplified Chinese. (Russian and Korean are not included since i only know some words and phrases.)

    Translating[edit source]

    I am a translator for Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. If you have any questions about the translating, please contact me on the talk page.

    If i make a mistake in translating, please inform me, i am still learning these languages (especially Simplified Chinese).

    Quick links[edit source]

    Language Web - Language web main page. User:Zhongwen/sandbox - My sandbox where i test templates and other stuff.

    Important disclaimer[edit source]

    Do not mention my LGBTQ identity in any way, shape, or form as i don’t feel comfortable talking about my LGBTQ identity, also please use he/him pronouns.