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This page is used for my personal volunteering notes, primarily on Meta Wiki, such as RFC voting, and likely Wiki creator in the future. Feel free to copy/reference these if you wish.

Meta Wiki[edit source]

Wiki creator[edit source]

Requests process[edit source]

  • Step 1: Is there any filler content within the request?
    • If yes, attempt to evaluate the request, barring the filler content. If it's far too complicated, or the request is purely filler,  decline the request.
      • Note that Fandom imports count as filler. If this is mentioned, research the source wiki to gain a greater understanding of the wiki.
  • Step 2: Is there a clearly defined scope?
    • If no or the scope is unclear,  On hold ask for more info.
    • If yes, is the scope allowed by the current Content Policy?
      • Is the wiki forbidden (ex. Reception wikis, -ball wikis, etc.)?
      • Is the scope too broad?
      • If no to the above, research the topic for complete confidence.
  • Step 3: Does the scope exist already?
    • If yes, is the wiki a subtopic of a larger wiki? (ex. Super Meat Boy Speedrunning Wiki)? Is it a part of a wiki migration? Is it a Wikimedia fork (with a valid reason for creation)? Is this a recreation of a deleted wiki?
      • If no to any of these,  decline and redirect the user to the pre-existing wiki.
      • If yes to Wikimedia fork, defer the user to a Steward for further enquiry.
      • If yes to deleted wiki, was it deleted for Content Policy violations? Has an attempt been made to restore the wiki via the Steward requests page?
  • Step 4: Is the subdomain accurate? Is it spammy? Does it denote which language it is in?