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Blad's guide to move a wiki from Fandom and his experiences
No one ever said it was easy.

TL;DR[edit source]

  1. Achieve consensus for the move on the FANDOM wiki, and if the opinion of the wiki is against yours, tough luck.
  2. Download all the images from the FANDOM wiki, and upload them into YOUR wiki, or request it on Phorge.
  3. Make a XML dump on your FANDOM wiki and import it, from Special:Statistics on the FANDOM wiki.
  4. Request that Fandom staff close your OLD wiki, and start praying. If they decline, it's probably not the end of the world, but your OLD wiki will be lying around, and competing for your NEW Wiki's SEO.
  5. There are extensions that make your wiki akin to Fandom if that's your preference.

Intro[edit source]

Notes[edit source]

This guide both requires and assumes you have a decent knowledge of how Miraheze and Phorge works, and how to perform basic tasks, like enabling extensions via ManageWiki. These are well documented, but here's a quick rundown.

  • ManageWiki allows you to change your wiki settings and is accessible via the side bar. This guide focuses on several extensions available with ManageWiki.
  • Phorge is where sysadmins check various tasks, such as bugs, large imports, etc. This guide focuses on imports.
  • To avoid any sort of confusion between wikis, each set of wikis are clearly distinguished from each other in this guide. THIS wiki is Miraheze Meta. YOUR wiki, the NEW wiki, or the MIRAHEZE WIKI, is the wiki on Miraheze that you have just requested. The FANDOM wiki, or the OLD wiki is the wiki on Fandom.

The writer (Blad) also makes NO GUARANTEE THIS GUIDE WILL WORK AS INTENDED. Perform anything here at your own risk.

Pre-requisites[edit source]

First of all, you will need a wiki to move content into. You'll need a Miraheze account, and I also suggest adding an email in case you lose your password. If you don't have an account, you can create one here. Note that some wikis on Miraheze use a custom domain, so if you're logged into one of those wikis, login instead. You can tell if a wiki is hosted by Miraheze if you go to the footer (scroll all the way down).

You can request a wiki here. Be descriptive of the wiki, and choose an appropriate subdomain. For The Legend of Dark Witch Wiki, my subdomain is, and my description was "This is a wiki based on The Legend of Dark Witch series, a video game made by INSIDE SYSTEM. It will cover the games, characters, and other media." In hindsight, this description wasn't good enough, so you'll want to write a longer one. Avoid off-topic content and filler as well. Here's a good example of one about the Virtual Boy: "A wiki about the Virtual Boy console, Nintendo's notorious faliure. It is mostly a personal project to provide high quality info about the console. This wiki will document the console itself, it's games, accessories, and legacy. The scope will be generally limited due to a lack of software, about less than 100 pages, at most 150." Once your wiki is approved, you can go onto the next step!

If your wiki is rejected for one reason or another, refer to the comment given by the Wiki creator. Most of the time, the issue lies within the wiki request itself, however other issues tend to crop up. Be wary of this, as a good wiki request does not lead to an equally successful approval.

The actual move[edit source]

So you want to move your wiki.

Images[edit source]

Images are a pain in the back when moving a wiki from Fandom. Fandom has no tool to make a dump of all the images, so you must make your own. This is easily the most tedious part of moving a wiki from Fandom. What I did is I got a friend (Mali) and we manually downloaded all of the images from the FANDOM wiki and uploaded them into the MIRAHEZE wiki. It took over a month and there are easier methods. HOWEVER, they are against Fandom's Terms of Use, as you may not use a content scraper on there,[1] which is completely ridiculous, but I digress. Due to that I cannot share any links.

Once you have all the images from the FANDOM wiki, upload them to a safe place. A good starting point is Google Drive, which gives 15GB of space for free. Some other storage solutions include Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Also make sure the cloud folder can also be easily accessed (ex. no password protection). Request an image dump via Phorge, and share the link with SRE.

If you're running low on storage, you can also enable uploads via URL on YOUR wiki at Special:ManageWiki/settings#mw-section-media. This will require you to go to the image page (click on an image, click on the top-left link) and right-click on the image. Click 'Copy image address', and then go onto YOUR wiki. Go to Special:Upload and select the circle for 'Source URL'. Paste, and name the file whatever it was named originally.

There is no way to easily prevent image uploads on a Fandom wiki, so you may want to consider leaving a notice on MediaWiki:Sitenotice on the FANDOM wiki. This way, your message will display to everyone on that wiki. Also., consider pushing out an announcement on the wiki via notifications.

Text[edit source]

Special:Statistics, as seen on the Fandom wiki Celeste Wiki. In this case, I would generate a dump (if I was an admin).

This is by far the easiest part of the moving process. If you are an admin, generate a wiki dump via Special:Statistics on the FANDOM wiki. If you're not an admin, you can request a dump of any Fandom wiki here. A Fandom staff member will need to approve your request. This will allow you to move the wiki's pages, but NOT your images via this method. I would also suggest skipping to 'Closing' before doing this, as Fandom generates a dump of a wiki upon requested closure, and there's no way to "lock" a wiki on Fandom, unlike Miraheze, which is why I suggest doing this step last.

Once you're done with this, there are two ways to get your content up and running on your new wiki.

Option 1 (recommended)[edit source]

Special:RequestImportDump on THIS wiki.

Use Special:RequestImportDump (on THIS wiki, Miraheze Meta, and not YOUR wiki) and upload the .xml file from the .7z you downloaded and link to the FANDOM wiki. Your wiki database name is typically your subdomain, plus wiki at the end. For example, The Legend of Dark Witch Wiki's subdomain is darkwitchwiki. From there, a member of SRE will process the import. There is no ETA, however large imports will take longer. I also suggest preventing editing for regular users during this time, as some problems can occur. You can go into Special:ManageWiki on YOUR wiki, and click the 'Closed' box.

Example[edit source]
  • Source URL:
  • Target Database Name: examplewiki
  • Reason for request: Import from fandom

Option 2[edit source]

Special:Import as shown on The Legend of Dark Witch Wiki.

You can also attempt to import content directly on YOUR wiki, with Special:Import. This is only recommended for extremely small wikis (<2-3 mb xml file), otherwise you may time out and the import won't finish. Once again, close the wiki before doing this, using Special:ManageWiki on YOUR wiki.

If it asks you for an interwiki prefix, type in wikia:{subdomain of fandom wiki}.

But I don't have a Wikia wiki. What are you talking about?[edit source]

Fandom, as you know it today, was originally called Wikia. Because the people at Fandom felt like it, they switched every Wikia wiki over to Fandom. Even then, Fandom still owns the Wikia domain, so they will automatically redirect you to the Fandom version of that wiki.

Close the original Fandom Wiki[edit source]

You probably don't want to leave the FANDOM wiki around when moving, so you should probably close it.

Why?[edit source]

  • Two sites are incredibly difficult to manage and individually update.
  • Traffic.
  • Fandom SEO is ruthless and will often rank YOUR Miraheze wiki below the Fandom version.

Achieving Consensus[edit source]

It is generally a good idea to achieve consensus to close the FANDOM wiki. Without this, Fandom staff will likely decline your request unless it's a personal project. This can be done basically anywhere. I used a Discord sever based on The Legend of Dark Witch Wiki, and the staff counted it as consensus. Personally I would suggest just posting it on a forum with high visibility, or maybe just make a new page with Project:Request to move to a MIRAHEZE wiki. Make a vote section, and make a good argument about why you should move. Comparing Miraheze to Fandom is a good page to link to. Assuming you achieve majority consensus, you're good. If not, tough luck.

Posting an announcement[edit source]

You should post an announcement on a high visibility place. It can be the main forum, via the aforementioned Sitenotice page, via announcements, and more. If your wiki has a Discord server, you can push an announcement there as well. If you have a Twitter account about the wiki, Just get the word out as much as you can.

Closing[edit source]

Per Fandom policies, you cannot close your own wiki by yourself. You will need to reach out to Fandom staff. Tell them that you want to move a wiki, and close the Fandom Wiki. If you achieved consensus, tell them about it. This step depends if your wiki is popular or not. Fandom will decide if your wiki has "useful content or the potential for content"[2] (i.e. Does your wiki make money or not?), and the decision is up to them. For me, I requested The Legend of Dark Witch Wiki to be closed, and it was done without a hitch. But that wiki is mostly unpopular and The Legend of Dark Witch as a whole is unknown to most of the world. Another wiki I would like to point to is Halopedia. While the wiki technically "moved", the Fandom wiki is still open. The Fandom wiki is still mostly inactive, however. I've also heard horror stories about people getting demoted for even thinking about moving, but that is beyond the point. See this ref if you want to see more.[3]

If Fandom closes the wiki, download the XML dump as soon as possible. Fandom sysops will delete the dump in about a month based on personal experience, and the content will be lost forever.

Post-move[edit source]

You're almost done with the move!

  • First, your main page might look a little awkward if you use the mainpage parser. You have to enable DummyFandoomMainpageTags in Special:ManageWiki/extensions in order for it to look right. And just like that, it should look like normal.
  • You may also not like the default skin, Vector 2022. You may wish to enable Cosmos in the skins tab for a more Fandom-like experience. Personally, I prefer Vector but it's up to you. More info at mw:Skin:Cosmos.
  • Your infoboxes may be broken if you use Fandom's default infobox creator. Simply enable PortableInfoboxCreator and everything should be good.
  • You may wish to delete all the Message Wall pages as they are blank. Enable Nuke and make a new namespace for Message Wall. Go to Special:Nuke, click Message Wall, and nuke the pages. If done correctly, all of them should be gone.
  • If you enjoyed Discussions on Fandom, you may wish for them on your Miraheze wiki. There was WikiForums, but it has been temporarily disabled for security purposes. Thankfully, DPLForums is here and can still be enabled. See this for how to set it up. Personally, I never used discussions but if that's your thing, cool.
  • Note that inactive wikis are closed after 60 days, and 14 if there is no content on them, so be wary. If you're a bureaucrat, you can manually re-open the wiki within 6 months of closure. If a user wants to reopen the wiki, they must go to RfRW.

Conclusion[edit source]

If you've gotten this far, congrats. You get a pat on the back.

Comments[edit source]

Feel free to leave a comment below if you want.