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Welcome to Miraheze
A quick overview of Miraheze, and what to do here. DISCLAIMER: This guide is unofficial and not endorsed by any Miraheze Volunteers and the like.

Welcome to Miraheze! This is a non-profit wiki farm (hosts wikis) with a focus on community and good will.[1] It's ran by several volunteers, all of which take on different roles. This "wiki" (Miraheze Meta) is mostly administrative, and has a heavy focus on Requests for Comments and other community-lead decisions, as well as community support. However, wikis of all types exist on this platform.

Useful links[edit source]

Roles[edit source]

These are some of the well established roles on Miraheze.

  • Global Rollbackers. Global Sysops, and Stewards assist communities on Miraheze by fighting vandalism. Stewards overarch these groups, holding the ability to view private wikis and use CheckUser and suppress and edit when necessary or requested by the community (at their discretion).
  • Meta:Wiki creators hold the ability to approve wiki requests on Miraheze Meta.
  • SRE is the backbone of Miraheze, ensuring that wikis run as capable and smoothly as possible.
  • Trust and Safety ensures that Miraheze is a safe platform for all. There are 2 roles within Trust and Safety: Director and Responder.

History of Miraheze[edit source]