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Gaining advanced rights
Want to become an administrator, bureaucrat, or any other advanced rights? Here are some tips.

So, you finally feel it's time. You want to get special rights on a wiki, but just can't find out how. Well, you've come to the right place! Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Notes[edit source]

  • This guide assumes that the wiki's User groups are vanilla. On various wikis, some of these rights may be renamed, altered or repurposed, or otherwise unavailable (ex. Bureaucrat is renamed to Wiki manager, Admin is deleted), replaced with other rights. This is sometimes documented on wiki, but check ManageWiki to be sure. Some things on this guide are bound to not apply to every wiki on Miraheze.

Deciding factors[edit source]

This is where many requests for permissions fall flat.

  • First, how much have you been contributing to the wiki? Unless the wiki is really small, if you have under 100 edits, you should probably stop reading this guide. While edit counts are not an end all, be all when it comes to requesting rights, they do play a significant factor in requests. Also, make sure your contributions are generally consistent and high quality. Filler edits probably won't help you get farther. Also, consider what your contributions are for. While mainspace contributions matter as well, category work, participation in discussions, and among other things, will get you much farther.
  • Another deciding factor is if you actually care about the wiki. What that means is, do you actually want to help that wiki, or do you want the rights just to troll, perform vandalism, or for gaining clout? If you don't want to help, stop reading.
  • Finally, do you need the rights? Will you actually use the rights upon gaining them, or will you check out of the wiki? It's not recommended to hat collect, and doing so may make it harder for you to gain rights in the future.

Administrator[edit source]

First of all, it's recommended to look at the administrative pages (if applicable) such as the rules and guidelines, RfC homepage, and other informational pages on the wiki you want the rights on. One helpful place to look is the Project namespace (type in Project:{Query} in the search bar). If there is any mention of how to be promoted to administrator (or other similar rights), you should follow the guidelines on the wiki.

Elections (default)[edit source]

If not, start by going to Talk:Main page. From here, you should copy and fill out the template on this page, then paste and save your edits to the page. If you can, edit the Main page to include a notice to the election.

No response[edit source]

If the staff and/or the wiki is inactive, consider adopting the wiki.

Bureaucrat[edit source]

Despite including far less rights than the Administrator right, being a Bureaucrat is still a big deal. They can access ManageWiki, which allows them to enable or disable any extension at user will, and can grant or revoke any Administrator's rights. As a wise man would once tell the world, "With great power comes great responsibility." Bureaucrat is typically the highest local permission on wikis, and usually requires much more commitment to gain the rights. At the very least, it's essentially a requirement to gain Administrator privileges before Bureaucrat, as Bureaucrats can assign themselves (and also revoke) Administrator and potentially Bureaucratic rights (albeit not by default).

Elections[edit source]

Summary[edit source]

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