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Are you a bureaucrat?
Easy ways to tell if you are a bureaucrat or not!

A common thing I see on requests for reopening wikis is people requesting their wiki be re-opened when they are already a bureaucrat. There are quick ways to check your rights on the wiki as seen below.

Quick ways to check[edit source]

Visit Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat on the wiki. If you're listed, you're set. On wikis with the default skin you will see a sidebar called Administration; if you see "View this wiki's..." and four options plus one for backups, you're set if you haven't forced this to display in your preferences already. Finally you can ensure you have the right access by visiting one of the links in administration and ensure the fields allow you to change them.

You can see what wikis you are any position on, including bureaucrat by visiting Special:CentralAuth and performing a lookup on yourself. If you have many attachments, you can sort by group to make it easier.

Did you request the wiki?[edit source]

Then you are a bureaucrat as long as you have not resigned or been removed. If this is a brand new wiki but you cannot find yourself with the above methods, then permissions have failed to assign and you need to make a request at steward requests in the Permissions section.

See also[edit source]

  • Adoption to become a bureaucrat on a wiki closed for inactivity.
  • Local election to become a bureaucrat on a wiki not yet closed for inactivity, but with no active bureaucrats.

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