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This user is a Chinese student. His English is OK (At least better than User:开炸弹车 !)(In fact, he does not like NMFWiki at all. He works at Rolling Sky Wiki.),but his vocabulary is a bit poor. So please use words that is as simple as possible!

(And he doesn't like putting the prep. before a wh-.)

Table below is from /backup

Q1:Who are you?
A1:I am Zes M Young,a normal editor in Rolling Sky Wiki(zh) and a junior high school boy student in China . You can also call me 杨哲思 or 杨煮鱼 .
Q2:What do you do?
A2:I came to Rolling Sky Chinese Wiki in the summer of 2020. My main work is to edit module , and patroller . I'm good at Rolling Sky rules too.
Q3:Where to find you?
A3:回你体制外 in Tieba, Zes_M_Young on Bilibili , 佳沛降解剂 on Moegirlpedia .
Q4:How long have you played Rolling Sky?
A4:Perhaps since the version of Monody . Now I have perfected most of the levels except festival levels , but hardly play Rolling Sky any more .
Q5:What are your hobbies?
A5:Hobbies? Editing modules! Playing MUG! Watching LoveLive! (This is so false a LoveLiver that he doesn't cry for Bokutachi wha Hitotsu no Hikari.)

You can find his Chinese User Page on M Young!

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en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
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