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I just found out closing them myself doesn't comply with the Dormancy Policy and are not adoptable, and therefore I should just have them deleted or dealt with another way.

These wikis I founded are up for adoption. So if anyone is interested in adopting them, then please be my guest.

I stopped working on them because I either lost interest or didn't have the time. I needed to cut down on my projects, so here are a few to be parented by another if there is appeal.

I currently don't have much time to do a serious amount of work, and because of that I am better off helping out of existing wikis more.

Have fun! :)

List[edit source]

  • Anything Origami Yoda Wiki: It's a wiki for anything about the Origami Yoda series and fanon material.
    • I know I won't be coming back to this one. I simply lost interest in it all; there is little to no community for the books anymore.
  • Deltarune Fanon Wiki: A fanon wiki for the indie developed game Deltarune.
  • Numberblocks Fanon Wiki: It's a wiki for fan material for the CBeebies TV show Numberblocks.

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