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Hello, I am me. I am myself. I have Aspergers, and it's nice to meet you. :)

I won't go on Meta to often, but I will occasionally.

I think I hate FANDOM a little now. I only still like it because I have friends there.

I have anger issues, but I am trying to change my impulses. I hope I don't annoy any of you.

I don’t like editing on mobile, because I misspell more often, accidentally hit buttons, and it can be slow at times.

I will never sockpuppet on Miraheze.

I am in a better mood these days (I think), and I will be very kind more often. :)

I like graphic novels, comics, books, and audio-books. Though I haven't be doing much reading lately (I usually listen to audio-books if a story interests me).

I like some memes. I pretty much like anything I find funny.

I hate drama, and I especially hate it when people bully my friends.

I hope to be ameliorated and redeemed soon. I don't like being myself sometimes.

I am very easily stressed out.

I am so far enjoying most (not all) of my time here on Miraheze. I found a lot of nice people, flawed, but definitely very nice. :)

I love being nice and helpful. :) I need reminders to stay that way consistently though. I have been getting better.

People like to ignore me for some reason. I think I need therapy, but the savage Coronvirus is delaying my chances at seeing one. I need to learn to help myself, but it's hard. I need to stay calm, don't act rash and without thinking, or do something to someone or something that I wouldn't want done to me. I don't know who to talk to about these things. I hope I do though, and maybe the answer is obvious, but things aren't always simple.

I am one the people that really liked The Last Jedi. :)

I don't really understand myself sometimes.

I probably will not go on Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki very often anymore. I may come around there sometimes, but I think I will concentrate on other wikis more. It was fun editing there, though it got boring lately, and it was a little much to keep up with. However, if you want to try the wiki out, then be my guess.

Remember to have fun! :)

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