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I'm WerySkok, 19 year old, let's say, Miraheze Fan. I live in Moscow, Russia and I'm translating Miraheze pages (and extensions) to Russian.

Feel free to ask me if you need translations from or to Russian.

I'm a bureacrat and admin at 2 russian wikis:

  • Russian Template Wiki — Russian version of Template Wiki.
  • League of Nations — a wiki about a RP game in social network, involving Minecraft. I already don't play this game so I don't edit this wiki. Other users seem to not have interest in updating info there.

Also there are some closed wikis, some of them are:

  • Universalis — a wiki for alternative RP game like LN. Same situation here. deleted. F
  • MetroCraft — a wiki about my dead server in Minecraft which purpose was to build a city with realistic public transportation. Became inactive after the death of the server. deleted. F

I keep this wikis because I like to revisit them sometimes but I won't complain if Miraheze staff will decide to delete them (but I'd like to download a backup before that happens).

Предлагаю помощь![edit source]

Я уже не первый раз делаю вики на Miraheze и имею, как следствие, хороший опыт с MediaWiki, но на данный момент, увы, здесь пока нет русскоязычного проекта, которому я мог бы помочь. Поэтому если ваша вики на русском заинтересует меня, я могу ей помочь в техническом плане, можете пригласить меня на моей странице обсуждения.

(TL;DR: I want to help Russian wikis on Miraheze)

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