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Brent Laabs a.k.a. Vorticity a.k.a. labster is the cofounder of All The Tropes wiki. He currently serves on the Board of Directors as its Chair. He was the former CFO, dealing with Finances for Miraheze prior to incorporation.

I live in Southern California, and work as a software developer. Despite this, I have very little involvement on the technical side of Miraheze, because I'm happy to leave that to sysadmins (and I kinda suck at ops). I have been sucked into the Miraheze org and occasionally still do for security reviews of new extensions.

My nickname is a result of my ninth grade biology teacher mispronouncing the name of the animal we were dissecting in a way that resembled my real name.

Contact[edit source]

Discord: .labster

Alternate Accounts[edit source]

  • Dai-Guard, a bot operating exclusively on All The Tropes.

TODO[edit source]

  • empty for now