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The following is a list of all pages required for import from en.wikipedia in order to use infoboxes on your wiki.

Simple[edit source]

This list is the most basic, all you really need.

  • Template:Infobox
  • Module:Infobox
    • Module:Navbar
      • Module:Arguments
  • MediaWiki:Common.css

You can use the following link to download an export of these files which you can then import to your wiki by using Special:Import.

To get to Special:Import, either enter the name into the search bar, or use the Special Pages link in the toolbar on the left to find it. When prompted for an Interwiki for the import, you can just enter whatever text you want, or use w as a shorthand for wikipedia. For more information on using the Infobox template, read here.

Even simpler[edit source]

Export and add the portable infobox to your wiki. It should only require that page, and MediaWiki:Common.css. This is considerably easier to setup, requiring far less to be imported. However, it does also mean that most/all of Wikipedia's other infobox related templates will probably not work well on your wiki, and you will need to set them up yourself.