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Void-bot version 2 has just been released! It works similarly to the old version of Void-bot, but there are a few differences. First, it doesn't yet read a trusted list. This needs to be adjusted, but will only be done when there is a decent way to manage this. I may decide not to recycle the old trust list, as it doesn't seem particularly useful anymore.

Any command can be used by a user who is in a higher tier.

General Commands[edit source]

These commands can be used by everyone in any channel.
  • $help - Links to this page
  • $help <command> - Provides a short summary of the supplied command.
  • $access - Tells you what kind of access you have.

Voice Commands[edit source]

These commands can only be used by users who are voiced in the channel.
  • $log <string> - Depending on the channel, Void-bot will log the supplied string to a page on wiki.
    #miraheze-cvt - CVT action log
    #testadminwiki - Test Wiki:Server admin log
    #fossbots - Server Admin Log

Operator Commands[edit source]

These commands can only be used by users who have operator status in the channel.
  • $part - Causes Void-bot to leave the current channel. Used to politely remove the bot instead of kicking it.

Trusted Commands[edit source]

These commands can only be used if Void has entered your hostname into a list of trusted individuals.
  • $kill - Causes Void-bot to stop.
  • $disable <command> - Disables the supplied command. Some commands cannot be disabled.
  • $enable <command> - Enabled the supplied command.
  • $nick <command> - Change the nick of the bot.
  • $join <channel> - Make Void-bot join the supplied channel.
  • $partf <channel> - Make Void-bot leave the supplied channel.

Developer Commands[edit source]

These commands can only be used by Void.
  • $reload - Reloads the commands module.
  • $ping - Debugging only.
  • $lockdown <enable|lift> [channel] - Manage lockdowns. Not yet ready for use.
  • $toggleauto - Toggle automatic detection of lockdown states (will automatically enable and lift lockdowns in certain channels).
  • $train - (Re)train dataset (if you don't know what this means, don't touch it!).

Future design[edit source]

  • Special chat responses (fun only)
  • Wiki request queue patrolling (low demand, low priority)
  • Code publication (low priority, high complexity)
  • Channel maintain/lockdown (low demand, low priority) Implemented code-wise, needs proper ACLs and setup.
  • Developer Commands
  • Maintain certain bot settings despite bot restarts Implemented code-wise.