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23,750+This user has made more than 23,750 contributions globally across all Miraheze Wikis.
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Miraheze Sysadmin.png This user is a Miraheze system administrator. (verify)
Nutheze black.svg This user is a Miraheze security reviewer. (verify)
Miraheze interwiki administrator.svg This user is a global Miraheze interwiki adminstrator (verify)
Miraheze Wiki Creator.PNG This user is a Miraheze wiki creator. (verify)
Nutheze black.svg This user is an interface administrator on Miraheze Meta. (verify)
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Miraheze Logo.svg This user chats on Freenode (IRC) as Universal_Omega
(cloak: miraheze/Universal-Omega).

Hello! I am Universal Omega, a system administrator, interwiki adminstrator, wiki creator, and security reviewer for Miraheze. I have been on Miraheze since April 15, 2020 (verify). I will usually respond to any interwiki requests, when I have time, however my current primary focus is as a system administrator and security reviewer. I will also respond to wiki requests when I have time, however I am not as active as a wiki creator as some of my colleagues.

If you need any assistance, leave a message on my Miraheze Meta talk page. I will respond as soon as I can, and available the majority of the time. I am also almost always available on IRC. I can also be contacted from the Miraheze Discord in the IRC relay channels, particularly #miraheze-relay or #miraheze-sre-relay. If you need any configuration changes to your wiki, please create a task on Phabricator, and myself or another Miraheze volunteer will get to it as soon as we can.

I also have developed my own skin, which is deployed to Miraheze, called Cosmos. If you need any assistance, regarding that, I recommend you leave a message on its' talk page at, or asking on it's Discord server (invite above). Thank you!