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Were you redirected here from TurtleWiki Bureaucrats' user page? That's because TurtleWiki Bureaucrats is my alt account! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding that account, please leave them on my main account's talk page.

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Hello there! I am a regular Miraheze user, probably just like you. I use Miraheze to host my wikis, TurtleWiki and ikiway (The Pig Latin Wiki)as well as to participate in the community and contribute to other Mirahezians' wikis. I love to help out in any way that I can. There are so many opportunities to do so, luckily, even as just a regular account holder.

Spending time building up TurtleWiki has become a pastime, hobby, and full-time unpaid job to me. Though, building the wiki is enough of a reward in itself, and it's construction is coming along just beautifully. And now, I have ikiway to build up as a public wiki community. So, I think I'll be kept pretty busy.

As far as Meta contributions are concerned, I've only done a few small edits here on Meta Miraheze, but have also contributed to community conversation.

...(this page is a work in progress, thank you for your patience)...