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I'm an INTJ-A (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging--Assertive vs opposites Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving--Turbulent). I'm an INTJ-A with some significant challenges thanks to this lovely thing called MS. I personally believe that there's little to nothing a person with similar challenges can't do and a whole lot of stuff we are basically voluntold by life we need to learn to do differently. Good thing INTJ's don't tend to shy away from challenges ;). The wonderful thing about this is that we learn to be highly adaptable, stubborn, relentless, tough and tenacious, efficiency seekers--or maybe that's just my INTJ (energy is also the most precious of precious resources and any waste of that seems sacrilege, hence why I double-down on the aforementioned qualities). As a female these are not traits that are widely welcomed in my culture, I used to do much better at moderating these, I now don't have the energy to devote to other people's perceptions so, come what may. I'm too focused on getting something good or meaningful accomplished with little energy to worry about illogical things (accomplishments I can feel good about when I'm less able to accomplish things--there's no time like the present). I will apologize in advance if I steamroller a little in the pursuit of a (seemingly to others) foggy systems-view of how I tend to approach some stuff where I see potential for help and improvement--Also part of my super assertive INTJ, sorry.

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