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Hello! I am Tali64³.

What I Do

When I'm active, I sometimes participate in community discussions. I wrote the guide to writing wiki requests on Meta to improve the quality of wiki requests.

Facts about Me

  • I've submitted 23 wiki requests on Miraheze, 13 of which were approved.
  • I've made over 5,000 edits globally.

Wikis I Founded

Here are all the wikis I have founded:

Wiki Date Founded Service Closed Notes
Decyclopedia 24 September 2019 Miraheze No Independent domain setup on 1 November 2022, which is not currently public.
Free Edits Wiki 8 April 2020 Miraheze Yes Precursor to Free Editing Wiki.
Miraheze's Deletionpedia 15 April 2020 Miraheze Yes Intended fork of Deletionpedia and precursor to The Wiki Archive.
Scary Logos Wiki Miraheze 4 May 2020 Miraheze No Fork of Scary Logos Wiki on Fandom.
The Wiki Archive 9 May 2020 Miraheze No
Encyclopedia Mirahezia 1 June 2020 Miraheze Yes Merged with Mirapedia, which itself was closed.
Speedy Deletion Wiki Miraheze 3 June 2020 Miraheze Yes Intended remake of the closed Speedy Deletion Wiki on Fandom. Also the subject of this talk page discussion.
Unsourced Wiki 7 June 2020 Miraheze No
Cancelled Wiki 27 June 2020 Fandom No
Wiki Gazetteer 29 June 2020 Fandom No
Miraheze Gazetteer 12 August 2020 Miraheze Yes
Malware Wiki 15 August 2020 Miraheze Yes Intended continuation of Malware Wiki. An official one is available here.
Persons Wiki 29 August 2020 Fandom Yes Merged with Person Wiki, which itself was closed.
El Archivo Wiki 28 December 2020 Miraheze Yes Merged with The Wiki Archive.
Yoshi's Creepypasta Wiki 23 March 2021 Fandom Yes
Stories Wiki 21 July 2021 Miraheze No
Everypasta Wiki 9 August 2021 Miraheze Yes
Free Editing Wiki 14 October 2021 Miraheze No
Shutdown Screens Wiki 20 October 2021 Fandom No
The Wikis Wiki 20 December 2021 Miraheze No
Decyclopedia Wiki 30 December 2021 Fandom No Fandom fork of Decyclopedia.
Scratch User-Generated Content Wiki 25 February 2022 Fandom No

Wikis I Manage

These are the wikis I didn't found, but manage. All of them are on Miraheze unless stated.

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