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About us[edit source]

  • We are system!
  • We are mixed origin (neurogenic, stressgenic, quoigenic)!
  • We support any systems!
  • All of us are Japanese.
    • TMNBFF/Kasatate and Narrator can speak English.
    • Nareco has been studying English since she realized she needed to understand it.
    • Tumugi can't understand English, so we need to translate them into Japanese, change them to hiragana and adjust the sentences to make them more understandable.
  • We use "I" when one headmate is fronting!
  • One of our headmates is syskid (3-5 years old).

TMNBFF/Kasatate/Tim[edit source]

Age: 16 (Little age: 0-4)

Neurodivergent: Autistic, ADHD (both of medical diagnosed), Disgraphia and Dyspraxia (suspecting, but also symptoms of Autism or ADHD maybe?), PTSD (Suspecting)

Gender identity: Trans, Transmasc, Genderqueer, Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Gendersatyr, Agender, Gendervoid, Neutrois, Miaspec (and umbrella terms), Multigender, Polygender]

Xenogenders: Neurogender, Autigender, ADHDgender, Neurotix, Autix, ADnurix,  Stargender, Celestial system, Juparian, Mercurian, Neptunian, Starfluid, Cutegender, Catgender, Catboygender, Pupgender, Bungender, Foxgender, Pastelgender, Ghostgender (xenogender), Flowercoric, Angelcoric, Babycoric, Rosegender, Cuavgender, Angelsmilkgender, Genderblankie

Sexuality: Abrosexual, Gay, Omnisexual, Omni-gay, Allosexual, Alloromantic, A-spec, Ace-spec, Aro-spec, Alloace, Aroallo

Presentation: GNC, Expression fluid, Masculine, Feminine/Femboy, Androgynous, Neutral

Pronouns: Pronounfluid

Preferred pronouns: He/They/It/Ze/Xe/Star/Galaxy/Nyan/Fox/Bun/Pup/Ghost/Purr/Cute/Flower

What I coined:

  • Flowerboy
  • Dewgirl
  • Transfem Femboy
  • Transmasc Tomboy

Narrator[edit source]

Age: 16

Neurodivergent: ADHD, PTSD

Gender identity: Male, Genderqueer, Nonbinary, Non-Binary Man, Multigender, Polygender

Xenogenders: Pupgender

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Presentation: GNC, Feminine/Femboy, Androgynous, Neutral

Pronouns: Pronounfluid

Preferred pronouns: They/He/It/She/Pup/Purr

Nareco[edit source]

Age: 14

ND: Autistic, PTSD Gender identity: Trans, Transfem, Genderqueer, Nonbinary, Fingender, Fiaspec, Multigender, Polygender, Lunarian, Stellarian, Spacialian

Xenogenders: Neurogender, Autigender, Cutegender, Coogender, Pastelgender, Softgender

Sexuality: Pansexual

Presentation: Feminine, Neutral

Pronouns: Pronounfluid

Preferred pronouns: She/They/It/Cute

Tumugi[edit source]

Age:3-5 (Ageslider?)

Gender identity: Gender Questioning, maybe Autigender and Soft-littlegender

Sexuality: Questioning

Presentation: Expression fluid

Pronouns: PNC

Preferred pronouns: He/They/Any