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Hi, my name is TF3RDL. I'm most active on FANDOM wikis (Titan Fall Fanon Wiki and Fanon Wiki). I'm primarily interested on fanon wikis as hoaxes on Wikimedia projects and everything else can be disruptive and deceptive to everyone.

Why I created fanons

Note: Despite the names of these sections, its contents is not structured like QP but rather something like essay pages on Wikipedia namespace.

The state of AAA video games are a big dumpster fire mess (rushing game development, MTX/lootboxes greed and terrible business practices are unfortunately a commonplace in the entertainment industry), so I've trying to make an idea of good AAA games and companies despite the big mess (this alone may not save AAA game industry from dumpster fire). The second reason I started creating fanons is I want to learn and show off my writings as nothing is perfect and to point out creating hoaxes are completely pointless and benefits nobody.

Titanfall III

As for this Titanfall fanon, I created it back in 2020 because the real Titanfall 3 hasn't been announced yet (and it still unannounced even to this day) and the proper conclusion has yet to be revealed by Respawn. And I want the third game to be a final game in the main series to allow Respawn to move on to something else entirely (like Bungie did with Destiny after leaving Halo to 343 Industries).

Bobik Platz and their games

Nostalgia pandering sucks and I don't want for these companies to resell their old casual PC games like Luxor series back in 2000s and early 2010s, to make them inadvertently worse (with botched remasters) and/or add microtransactions to it. I don't care about indie games because there are better than AAA games nowadays (good luck finding good ones buried under shovelware crap on Steam) and they have limited resources. That's why I created this page on Fanon Wiki to show that AAA game companies doesn't have to be that way.

As for their games, the first one is Sphere Matchers, which is a marble-popper game that isn't bad as majority of Zuma-like games on mobile games market and yet still contains sphere gimmicks so it won't get bored with only normal balls with exact same properties besides different IDs, and the second one is SM Billiards, which is a free-to-play cue sports video game that I've created this page as a response to disastrous launch of eFootball and the shortcomings of annualized game releases, and it also serves as a hypothetical example of a proper live-service sports game.

Sphere Matchers

From childhood days, I used to play Zuma (I managed to beat Zuma's Revenge) and Luxor games (only the first game and QFTA and none of them are also finished BTW). Also I saw the sphere gimmicks like the wild ball in Luxor and some mobile SM games, when I shoot this sphere type and it doesn't make a match and I think it is a good idea to make wild spheres appear on the path.

Back to the actual reason, I wonder what happened if Bobik formed a new AAA game studio instead of completely vanishing the moment he left the Sphere Matchers forum and decided to make a new game from scratch with lots of sphere gimmicks (which gives some more variety than just lots of colors) and bad powerups as well as non-repeating levels, that would be cool.

SM Billiards

Ah, the cue sports, which is a skill-based game that utilizes sphere physics (especially ball-ball collisions) to achieve a desired outcome. I used to play random Flash games, especially billiards (which is because I like ball physics) including 8 Ball Pool (which is popular amongst mobile gamers). Although there's lot of billiard games in the past, the recent ones are little stale because 8-Ball and 9-Ball games are overrated and Russian Pyramid is neglected in PC/console games and only available on mobile devices, which most of them are cash grabs. Also, the VooFoo's new game This is Pool and to the extent This is Snooker is now considered a vaporware as it was announced in 2018 and it didn't deliver even to this day.

The reason for making this page on Fanon Wiki is because I want a fully-functioning sports game that feature-complete and polished at launch and it isn't an indie game nor being released every year because eFootball 2022 was a rough start of sports games with new release strategy and devs of Shooterspool are listened to the feedback of addition of Russian Pyramid, but it never actually deliver because the devs didn't receive enough attention and now restrictions related to the recent war.

Series of pages on Halo Fanon

Although Halo Infinite had received generally favorable reviews, at least the launch, it has been soured by a lack of content issues and the infamous desync that plagued multiplayer portion for too long. Granted that just patching technical issues and glitches won't magically brings the reputation back to the former glory, I think Halo Infinite can benefit from adding lots of content and reworking weapons that exist in previous titles, especially Promethean weapons.

My sins

Note: If my behavior continue to be shitty, then I expect it to be blocked indefinitely and/or even globally locked on either Wikimedia or Miraheze wikis.

My editing behaviors on wikis on both Wikipedia and FANDOM wikis were a bad start as I have vandalized several pages and created hoaxes like Titanfall 3 hoaxes and related nonsense on Titanfall Wiki and Wikipedia in the past 3 years. My behavior has been improved since my first edit on Titan Fall Fanon Wiki but my sins are still there like continued hoaxing and insertion of nonsense related to TF|3 and fictitious company and their games on multiple wikis.


  • I have autism but this alone doesn't excuse disruptive editing.
    • The creation of fanon/hoax pages are as the result of combination of my autism and my response of the (currently) bad state of AAA video games.