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I'm establishing a peaceful disunity from the Wikimedia project (Q14827288) and discouraging natural language (Q33742). They have and will accomplish many things and were and will be quite a valuable resource to which even I myself often refer or contribute to, but after the friendly but deeply bizarre conduct of Wikipedians on psychology-related articles (Q1983760), Mr. Wales' (Q181) complacency about Essjay (Q1076668), and being "bit", as in WP:BITE, on English Wikipedia (Q328), Wiktionary (Q22001375) and Wikidata (Q2013), certain mishandled debates on what is and is not trolling (Q11281), vandalism, a reference (Q1713), source or evidence (Q1347572), and disagreeing with their policies on censorship (Q862207), I hereby propose to found and administrate an open source (Q39162) project for peaceful use (Q454) that can be read by anyone over the internet (Q75), and to which internet users can start editing immediately. While some natural language is tolerated here, that is not the point of Cold Water Project. The point is the following:

1. machine-readable data (Wikidata item (Q16222597) Q6723621), controlled language (Q1575129), and constructed language (Q33215) that aren't artlangs (Q1078597)

2. calling a duck, however inconveniently or unconventionally, a duck (Q1324171) is rarely, if ever, vandalism

3. providing an alternative to the conduct of some on the Wikimedia project (Q14827288) that work hard (Q1427962) but sometimes abuse power

4. censoring (Q862207) the album cover (Q1333350) for Virgin Killer (Q157546), pictures of Mohammed (Q1144589), and technical details of weapons (Q728) and tactics (Q207645) while, if and only if miraheze allows it, carrying files on things adults (Q80994) do that wouldn't be allowed on Wikimedia (Q14827288)

5. translating (Q7553) content (Q560311) from All The Tropes

6. calling a duck a duck (Q1324171) and not biting (WP:BITE) is more important than hard work (Q1427962), seniority (Q1931779), academic achievement (Q2748419), and connections

7. placing loyalty to principles over loyalty to your friends if and only if it comes down to that

8. not picking and then suppressing conduct disputes

9. learning from Wikimedia's controversies and mistakes (Q16235110)

10. ordinary internet users being able to view and edit content immediately without special software

11. a publicly available work is itself an adequate reference for commentary about the work

12. not lying about your qualifications

13. not having conflicts of interest (Q211067), nor acting like you have a conflict of interest

14. minimizing the use/implementation of propaganda techniques (Q2331011) and advertising techniques (Q8222031)

15. the position in a debate that fundamentally contradicts a high school (Q9826) graduate's knowledge of math (Q395) and natural science (Q7991) is wrong

16. peaceful use (Q454)