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Dominica Born in the Commonwealth of DominicaFlorida Hillsborough County Currently based in Dover, FL

Author of the forthcoming Unspooled series • Creator of a conlang called Tovasala, né Relformaide

If you see my name (or this page) on any other Miraheze site outside that of Constant Noble (where I am its founder and bureaucrat), please keep in mind I am only a visitor (be it thanks to a wiki launch, a Google search result, a Phabricator tip, a GlobalNewFiles result, or extension prospecting) and do not intend to edit on said sites in the long term. Otherwise, please see my userpage over there for the calling cards in case we get to talk someday (as the login.MH abuse filter doesn't like external linkage regardless of legitimacy).

✉️ E-mail: pierre612004 [at]