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Things that I need to get done when I'm working on Miraheze stuff. See User:RobLa/Journal for the latest about RobLa.

By calendar quarter[edit source]

2021q1[edit source]

(1st of January through 31st of March in 2021)
  • To do:
    • TODO: Attend board meeting
  • Done:
    • (This quarter? nothing yet, other than update this list.)

2020q4[edit source]

(October - December 2020)
  • (no commitments yet... other than updating how I did on 2020q3, which was poorly)

2020q3[edit source]

(July - September 2020)

2020q2[edit source]

(April - June 2020)

2020q1[edit source]

(January - March 2020)
  • (DONE) Publish volunteer welfare draft
  • (NOT DONE) Publish revenue ideas as discussed in last board meeting