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User:RobLa is the user account for Rob Lanphier. I am (among other things) an electoral theory wonk, a software developer, and an engineering management nerd. I've been a Miraheze community member since September 2018 (main wiki: electowiki). From January 2020 through January 2021, I served as a member of the Miraheze board.

Latest info - The latest information about me is in my journals. See [[User:RobLa/Journal]] on "this" wiki (wherever "this" wiki is) or see #Journals below to learn more.


Here's a list of wiki journals that I'm keeping:


Here's some Miraheze wikis that I'm an admin/bureaucrat on:

  • electowiki
    • URL:
    • Description: This electoral reform wiki has been hosted by Miraheze since 2018. It was a copy of a wiki that I helped start back in 2005.
  • myndmess
    • URL:
    • Description: this is a wiki I set up in May 2020 to explore personal notetaking. My research in this area goes back much further than that.
  • roblawiki
    • URL:
    • Description: this wiki was started in June 2020, as a place for me to experiment and put personal content. There's probably some content from that will get relocated to this wiki.

Since I'm a board member (as of October 2020), I also sometimes read and sometimes edit these wikis:


Here's a few highlights from my CV that seem relevant to people wondering about my possible contribution the Miraheze Board:

I give details about all of this stuff over on


A few other places to learn more about me


Some frequently(?) asked questions:

How did RobLa start working with Miraheze?

The short answer: I signed up for an account here because User:Psephomancy got tired of waiting for me to fix the problems on, so they copied the content to . I decided I liked it here, so I got more involved.

The long answer: See my December 2019 blogpost "Why donate to a non-profit with a hard-to-pronounce name?"

What does RobLa do with Miraheze now?

As of January 2020, I'm on the Board. In March 2020, I attended my first board meetings (on March 6 and March 12). See meta:User:RobLa/TODO for how I'm planning to act on my action items (and feel free to seek clarification on the associated talk page if anything is unclear).