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    If you messed up with extensions like ReplaceText, I can revert/rollback pages en masse. I just need three things.

    1. Your wiki URL. (I need an account on your wiki to revert pages)
    2. You need to give me bot permissions while I perform mass-revert. (You can remove it when I tell you I am done. Without it I will be spamming your wiki's Recent Changes and CVT monitoring stuff, so I will not perform jobs without the bot permission.)
      • You can do this by going to Special:UserRights/Revi on your wiki and toggle bot permission. (This will only work after I first visit your wiki, so ask first.)
    3. You need to stop editing until I perform rollback. The script I use grabs your contribution history and use it to rollback things. If you edit while the script is running, it will think there's new things to revert and rollback your good edits.

    If you have the details, head over to Discord (look for @revi, remember to mention this page) or my user talk and ask for the massrevert.

    Disclaimer[edit source]

    • I do my best to only revert problematic edits you made, but I can't guarantee this will work in 100% of times.
      • For example, this will rollback good edits in the middle of bad edits, because it does not look for edit content, and only looks at the timestamp.

    Tools and Services by Revi[edit source]