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My name is Daryl and I've been fascinated by WWI aeroplanes since I was a kid. Was it Snoopy & the Red Baron, or a late-night showing of The Blue Max? Maybe it was Richtofen's War, or perhaps memories of a past life :)? Who knows. In any case, it grabbed me and I've been hooked and participating since writing a dogfighting duel game for the Apple II to my current efforts in modelling for 3D printing. That latter is where "Reduced Aircraft Factory" comes from -- it is the name of my shop on Shapeways.

I started the Wings of Linen WIKI as a place to gather game-focused WWI aircraft information in one place. A lot of information is available on the web, but it's scattered around. Wikipedia has articles on the individual aircraft. Gaming sites like have information on one game or another. Individual manufacturers have information on models available. The linen wiki tries to gather all that information into one place.