User:Reception123/Username policy

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This is a draft proposal for a new global policy. If it's not a copy/edit and a more major change, please indicate what it is on the discussion page before editing.

Above all, common sense should be applied when creating a new user account.

The following types of usernames are not allowed on any Miraheze wiki:

  • Usernames that are offensive, contain insulting material or do not respect the Code of Conduct.
  • Usernames that give the impression that the account in question has permissions which it does not have (e.g. "administrator", "bureaucrat", etc.).
  • Usernames that contain the exact name of a wiki (e.g. a user named "Metawiki").
  • Usernames that resemble IP addresses (as these are expected to designate non-logged-in users), timestamps or other names which would be confusing in that sense.
  • Usernames that contain phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Usernames that contain a name of a post or a position (i.e. President of Company X, etc.).
  • Usernames that are deliberately similar to other users in the possible scope of impersonation (i.e. user a is called "Example", user b is called "Examplee")

Usernames which do not respect this policy (after it is in effect) will be given a warning and invited to change their username immediately, if they do not due so in a limit to be determined by a steward, they will be globally locked.

If in doubt about a username, you can contact staff (preferably email at to determine whether the username you would like to use is acceptable or not.