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Wiki explorers (essay by Raidarr)
This essay describes an idea (a 'global' explorer of wikis), and is not an official group or term on Miraheze.

A 'wiki explorer' is a user who from time to time browses wikis that have been created on Miraheze, logged in or not. This is not a very large community, often consisting of platform volunteers with spare time or some users who are just curious. The most effective way to explore is using Special:WikiDiscover, tuned to recent + public + active wikis - though not exclusive. Remember that the main page of private wikis are publicly visible, and this is where some people may be confused, seeing users they don't recognize on the user list. This may happen with public wikis requested for obscure, semi-private communities.

There are two considerations when browsing while logged in. One is that accounts are attached automatically when you visit while logged in. They cannot be detached (they can, but this will break things, so they won't be). As time goes on, many attached accounts can result in slower or more faulty user logins. If you find yourself unable to log in, the best you can do is to run a new account and usurp your old username, and avoid being connected to too many wikis while logged in. This becomes an issue when your attachments number in the thousands through Special:CentralAuth. Some people may be concerned with what types of wikis they are attached to: this needs to be considered before you visit while logged in.

Prolific explorers might consider using a clearly declared and responsibly used alternate account dedicated to exploring if their main account exists to run their wikis, globally volunteer, etc if they're concerned about the attachment issue.

The second consideration is that wiki operators who don't know better may issue blocks to unknown users. This could be paranoia, concern of spam, or the belief that attachment = visibility on a private wiki (it does not). This can reasonably be appealed to Stewards if the block precludes reaching out and clearing up the issue.

Local administrators are advised not to pre-emptively block accounts. If it is spam, it makes little difference as 99% of possible spam (in my experience) will not make it through global abusefilters. There is a reasonable chance that unknown accounts may just be passing by visitors described above. If the wiki is private, users will not be able to see it unless given access. Stewards, SRE and Trust and Safety could technically browse private wikis due to their access, but they shall not do so unless authorized or a platform concern demands that they do so. If the account resembles a history of abuse, a pre-emptive block is warranted and the accounts should be reported for follow up.

This is an essay from Raidarr who welcomes any questions, critiques, suggestions and further comments via talk page. Direct edits for simple grammar and spelling errors are welcome.