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Requests for reopening guide (volunteering essay by Raidarr)
A brief bullet-based guide for how requests for reopening wikis works, with tips for users and people looking to help.
  • Clear requests: Technically, nothing needs to happen here. If it's clear cut and there are no issues it just needs to wait for a Steward to see and address it. Note that even if someone marks it as 'cleared', a steward will still check it out. Only if something is off per below will a supplementary comment reduce the steps.
  • Malformed request: The most common issue, for example, a full url is put in where only the wiki's sitename is needed, no reason is provided or can be deduced (ie, CentralAuth contribution history) or . If you are certain what the wiki is (checking the requestor's Special:CentralAuth can help) feel free to correct the form. If the wiki is not clear, feel free to ping them and ask to clarify while doing what's needed to make the request readable. If there is no reason, a reason should be requested. This is a requirement presented by RFRW itself. If the request doesn't work out after these steps are attempted, a steward will eventually flag the request as notdone.
  • Wiki not found: The wiki is probably deleted. But wait: see if it has a database, Special:ManageWiki/core/, put in the url and add wiki ("examplewiki"). Consider if the requestor did the name wrong via the above account check. If there is a database, a Steward needs only undelete the wiki (assuming it was not deleted for content policy issues - you can look up the wiki in Special:Log/managewiki for this too, and notify the requestor if this is the case + flag as notdone).
  • Wiki not found and it's too far gone: The requestor can be notified as such, however: it is possible there is a copy on the server if the wiki was 'dropped' recently. It may help to ask the requestor when the wiki may have been deleted/was last edited if it was theirs, and if that response is somewhat recent (may have been deleted in the last few months), ping Reception123 to do a check. If this doesn't do it then there are two paths: if public, the wiki may be found on Reception123's Miraheze dumps on The dumps are cumbersome to download and sift through, but the wiki should be there with digging if you're looking in the timespan of the wiki's deletion (just over 6 months after closure). If the dump is found, the wiki can be re-requested and the dump can be submitted to Special:RequestImportDump for restoration. If private, the wiki is gone. Either way, the request should be flagged as cannot at this point.
  • Wiki was manually closed by a bureaucrat: If this applies (on-wiki: Special:Log/managewiki), the wiki cannot be reopened via RfRW. If the closure is disputed, the requestor should be directed to contact Stewards
  • The requestor is a bureaucrat and the wiki is accessible: The requestor can be notified that they may reopen the wiki through Special:ManageWiki locally. The request status can be changed to local once this is done.
  • The bureaucrat of the wiki is accessible (through discord, meta, etc): they can be pinged to take a look and reopen the wiki. Upon completion this can also be flagged as local.
  • Duplicate requests: This doesn't tend to happen unless there is a closure that affects a community, at which point more advanced steps are probably needed. In any case, multiple requests for the same wiki should be merged.

For reference: it may help to look at Special:RequestWikiQueue depending on the circumstance. It's rare that this is needed but, something to have in your pocket for this and other situations.

This is an essay from Raidarr who welcomes any questions, critiques, suggestions and further comments via talk page. Direct edits for simple grammar and spelling errors are welcome.