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Local elections
This page describes an optimal request for permissions process on a Miraheze wiki when no local policies exist on the subject and local management is not present, to be reviewed by Stewards who can grant local rights.

On occasion wikis may lack the bureaucrats or other users required to assign managerial rights to keep a wiki operating. These wikis may also lack policies established to handle how to get rights when nobody with rights is available. If both conditions are true, this process may be used. If not, the users with appropriate rights must be consulted first (you can find them at the local Special:ListUsers page), or the local policies must be followed as best as possible. If there is confusion at this step, you should seek advice first. This process cannot be used to circumvent an active community, administration or well-grounded policy. However, sysops can use this to request ManageWiki access (bureaucrat) if none of them are available on Miraheze.

A local election by this process gives users the credibility to say they have done due diligence to give any community or interested parties a chance to express their opinion at you taking control, be it in support or opposition. When complete, a Steward will assess the results (typically ending with no votes if no communities or parties exist) and assign rights as appropriate. Note that you need only ask on the Stewards' noticeboard if all you need is to be confirmed, automoderated or other minor local rights.

In a local election you should declare what rights you're seeking (typically bureaucrat + administrator), what you intend to do (managing the wiki and other significant plans to change it that you might have), and who is running (typically one user, but if multiple they should be noted with whatever rights they need as well). On top of this you should declare the runtime (Steward preference is 5-7 calendar days) and the conditions for success (ideally a vast majority in favor with no substantial arguments against, or no opposition especially if a local community does not exist).

This page can be modeled as you like as long as the information above is present and clear. You can use anything from the Meta:Requests for permissions approach of just presenting the information and having a comments section, to something more fancy like the Requests for Comment process or Requests for global rights layout.

If possible you should include a link to the process through the wiki's main page, a sitenotice and notification of any interested users if they exist locally or declared interest in another conversation. This is a 'perfect world' preference and not strict however, especially if you lack the means to advertise or members to notify. You can request a Steward's assistance making the notifications if you wish.

Scenarios[edit source]

This process can be used by members of a private community if needed, but not by anyone outside of it.

If the local administration is not responsive, that is different; you should try to resolve issues with them, and if that is impossible you may seek a Steward's input.

Personal wikis or projects cannot be adopted by users who are not significantly involved in them. Ie, if someone has produced a worldbuilding wiki with their life's work and you are interested in the material, it is not proper to request rights to take control.

Anyone with ManageWiki access can simply reopen a closed wiki at any time, and have no need for this process to regain access or the adoption process to reopen the wiki.