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I am a two-time ex-steward during '22 and the first half of '23, the highest profile ban by by Trust and Safety in June '23, then unbanned by the new T&S in February '24, and now and now an unrestricted wiki-bachelor, commentator & wiki creator.

My talk page is open if you would like to say hello.

Essays[edit source]

These are more recent essays.

The following essays were written in my earlier years of Miraheze. They're open for community expansion. A majority are now graciously hosted by NotAracham, who took them in during my long absence.

Troubleshooting hacks[edit source]

Some troubleshooting hacks I collected over time.

  • "I don't know what wiki they're talking about": Special:CentralAuth may help. You have your answer if they have one wiki where they are bureaucrat and sysop. If a user is requesting on Discord and authenticated, look up the user mention in #auth-logs. Use with good sense; ask if it is that wiki before running with it if unsure.
  • If you are on desktop, have rollback and are looking at a user with lots of vandalism to hit: middle click rollback links one after another. Refresh and see if you missed any. Alternatively look into mass rollback scripts especially if volunteering for CVT.
  • VisualEditor not working: Try first: if in talk or another non-standard namespace, make sure it's enabled first via Special:ManageWiki/namespaces. You should see the Edit button with an additional option of Edit source. If a bit of time has passed after tweaking namespaces and it still does not appear, add the following script to the wiki's MediaWiki:Common.js: User:Dimpizzy/scripts/addmissingbutton.js. Some skins play worse with VE than others and VE is generally a pain in the ass.
  • Red box with error code: Probably needs to be referred to a phabricator task or a message to MediaWiki SRE if is received consistently.
  • Infoboxes in general: Two paths. 1. Suggest PortableInfobox as generally easier to use especially for those with a Fandom background, and refer them to the Builder that comes with it (is linked in the interface where you enable the extension). 2. If someone is dead set on wikipedia style infoboxes, refer them here, and for an implementation example refer them here. Use Special:Export on wikipedia to pull the template and Special:Import on the local wiki to use it. Avoid option 3 at all costs: playing whack a mole imports with wikipedia infoboxes. If someone really wants to use lua, send them to chaotic on discord (one of the few who delve in this rabbit hole with success).
  • Miraheze's stance on AI images: Miraheze does not have an official stance at this time, use AI or don't use it, up to you. Keep an eye out in case a court case or law comes down the pipeline in the US especially but also the EU which would directly impact Miraheze. This is a time of innocence and case law/spoilsporting has not been fully defined on the subject.

Projects[edit source]

It's been a long time.

  • Main Page revision - rethinking the default generated main page for new wikis. Given CN input, a probable RfC.
  • User rights on new wikis - at some point interface administrator was assigned automatically and interface access removed from standard admin permissions. I'm not fond of that change (see no reason for it) and would like to see it go back but I'm not sure I'm bothered enough to go to RfC about it. We'll see.