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Raidarr is a lurker on the Miraheze network that mainly frequents Meta and a small handful of deeply in development projects. At times he will enter other wikis to lend brief support, mostly for organization and technical tasks. He is proficient in general wiki and administrative handling, but no authority on proper CSS work and is not a member of global staff.

In Meta his most frequent haunts are the Gazetteer of wikis and the Community noticeboard, as well as Meta's recent changes in general. On occasion he is in the orbit of Reception Wikis on the network, with one of his own being an early alpha project. He is also interested in various games; a wide community for the MechWarrior franchise is another in development project. Otherwise it is whatever catches his fancy, though reason and investment is needed to get any long term commitments.

Speaks English, tends to write too much (except for actual articles) and enormously lazy, not to mention always finds something to do that isn't one of the aforementioned projects. Some say one of them will be completed within the next century.

May be open to collaboration on founding a wiki project with tangential relation to the above interests as well.