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Resignation statement:

Hi, further on from my resignation email from last night (and the subsequent u-turn), I’m going to be leaving for a while effective immediately. John has informed me that he’s leaving miraheze for good. I just need time away, this is too much. He feels like I have no principal after u-turning. He feels like the promises are just empty promises with no changes.

He’s right in all this that I say sorry to much for it to mean anything and also that my u-turn meant I had no principals.

My u-turn sealed John leaving last night which I’m truly sorry to have caused. John is a great asset and is leaving because of my u-turn. This is why leaving for a while would I think benefit everyone. Gives me a break and gives SRE a clean slate.

Hi, I'm paladox, I live in England (United Kingdom)

I am a site reliability engineer for Miraheze (see Miraheze Site Reliability Engineers).