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    Statement – 17/06/2023

    Following recent events, I am bringing to notice that effectively immediately I am resigning:

    • my position as Director of Trust and Safety,
    • my position as Chair of the Board of Directors for Miraheze Limited,
    • my position as secretary for Miraheze Limited.

    I am retaining the position of Director and Treasurer – these are solely to maintain financial stability of the project while an alternative plan is drawn up. Given the community has over recent weeks made it perfectly clear that I no longer command their respect, I will not be engaging with the provision of an alternative plan but will facilitate the transition while protecting my interests and the interests of Miraheze Limited as a UK Company. Once a transition is fully completed, I will remain a Director of Miraheze Limited to handle its dissolution within the UK to ensure it ends its cycle in a solvent and peaceful period to minimise disruption for any future successor.