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    Hello all! I am Official Terracil, the creator and writer of the Terracillion Wiki.

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    About Me[edit source]

    I am an amateur writer with a Bachelor's degree and have not yet published any of my work. I have an interest in many academic fields from literature (where I am taking part in an English literature course to have a better understanding of writing books) to the sciences (such as genetics, paleontology, biomechanics, physics, and chemistry), to history (where everything fascinates me from prehistory to ancient, antiquity, up to the 1600s).

    I enjoy sports, art, and video games as well, and often spend my free time bouncing between the myriad of hobbies and interests I have. I also have ADHD, which in part is the reason I decided to start a wiki here on Miraheze as it helped me to organise all my whirring thoughts in one place.

    Feel free to ask me anything about the Terracillion (or Terracil, the setting of all my stories), as I am always happy to discuss and often people's pointed questions turn out to be very enlightening in helping me explore more areas of the world I am building.

    The Terracillion[edit source]

    My wiki was created for a number of reasons - primarily in order to keep the vast amount of lore on my works organised. As a result the wiki now serves the purpose of supporting both my writing and worldbuilding, which are obviously inextricably intertwined hobbies. The wiki at the moment is currently in two formats, as some pages are written with the knowledge of someone in-universe, with uncertainty and incomplete information (for the general public), whereas other pages are written from the point of view of the Creator of the story and universe, with knowledge that the people within the world or the readers of the stories would likely never know about. I hope one day to make the wiki public with the former articles and keep the latter articles private so as to have a 'creator's bible' that I can refer back to to keep my knowledge of my own work in one place.

    If you have any suggestions or wish to talk, please feel free to send me a message. I do not tend to check Miraheze meta very often and am usually very busy, so please do not expect prompt responses, but I do make an effort to respond to every message I receive, no matter how late it is.