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Hello, I am a user who edits on multiple wikis on Miraheze. I have a history on Fandom as Elevenblue/InactiveAccount2, but I'd rather everyone would forget about some things I said and possibly even did then, as I have now left Fandom due to realising what I was doing was wrong. I have decided to stay here because I would like to think I haven't done anything terribly wrong here, but please ignore most of the things I said on Fandom.

What I like

Consoles I like

  1. Wii - Especially the Wii series (like Wii Sports, Wii Play, etc.) considering that they have Miis, which are the greatest video game characters in the world and are far inferior to every other Nintendo characters ever made (including the Mario characters, by far actually)
  2. Wii U - Lots of great games, and much better tracking on Just Dance games than the Wii.
  3. Nintendo Switch - Haven't played much of it but it sounds like a decent console and I kind of wish I had it instead of an Xbox One.
  4. Nintendo 3DS - mh:awesomegames:Tomodachi Life exists. This is a reason to buy the 3DS, trust me (however, if a sequel comes out and is just as good and has gay couples then you should just buy that).

Games I like

  1. Minecraft
  2. Wii Sports

TV shows I like

  1. Seinfeld - From what I've seen of it at least.
  2. The Simpsons
  3. Friends
  4. Everybody Loves Raymond
  5. South Park - I haven't watched all (or even half, or even close to half) of the episodes, but it's mainly a funny and entertaining show from what I've seen.
  6. The Big Bang Theory
  7. Atypical

Websites I like

  1. YouTube - Flawed definitely, but I still think it's bearable enough.
  2. Instagram - People have criticised it but I haven't seen any evidence of anything too bad, and it's still not as bad as TikTok.
  3. Scratch - Still a good website for the most part.
  4. DeviantArt - I mean, it's not that bad... still a well-designed site... in fact, why do users hate it again?
  5. English Wikipedia
  6. Fandom - Not a bad site but closing Trollpasta Wiki, Free Vandalism Wiki and of course the reception wikis was stupid.
  7. Miraheze

Celebrities/groups I like

  1. mh:excellentmusic:Cheat Codes
  2. mh:excellentmusic:Billie Eilish
  3. mh:excellentmusic:Mallrat
  4. mh:excellentmusic:Lil Nas X
  5. mh:horriblemusic:Tones and I - Yes, she has an odd voice, but it's not really "bad."
  6. mh:excellentmusic:Misha (post-2019) - He improved in 2020.


  1. mh:amazingyoutubers:PhantomStrider
  2. The Thunk
  3. Poofesure - I created this page.
  4. Tex (gamer)
  5. Beluga
  6. Schaffrillas Productions
  7. mh:amazingyoutubers:Scott the Woz
  8. Roscoe McGillicuddy
  9. Mousait
  10. Honest

Websites I think are decent

  1. ShoutWiki

What I think is average

Consoles I think are average

  1. Xbox One - Honestly, I only have it for Netflix, Minecraft and Just Dance games since Just Dance 2016 pretty much, and the only Just Dance game since 2016 that isn't on the Switch is Just Dance 2016 itself, Netflix is on the Switch, Minecraft and Just Dance 2016 are on the Wii U (it's also on the Switch but it's not multiplayer), so even then, I can't say I have it for the best reasons.

Literature I think is average

  1. Wonder

Musical artists I think are average

  1. Submarine Man - Yes, he's not that great, but he is not nearly as bad as people claim him to be. Not nearly as bad. He's just another autotuned rapper, not a screeching rapper like mh:lyricmeaningtranslate:JackG. Making an ode to feet is disgusting but other than that there is no really big problem to his songs. Also he's better than most rappers TBH.
  2. Lama Doodle - Same as above.

What I dislike/hate

Films I dislike/hate

  1. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl - hE rUiNeD mY dReAm jOuRnAl!!!!! Worst movie ever.
  2. Planes - What a load of crap.
  3. Norm of the North - A twerking polar bear... People being dumb enough to put condos in the arctic... No thanks.
  4. The Boss Baby - The concept is weird and the toilet humour makes me want to never watch it again, but it has a good message at least. Too bad they ruined that with the spin-off series and the sequel.

TV shows I dislike/hate

  1. Peppa Pig - What a load of crap. Worst show I have ever watched.
  2. Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks - Worse than the films.

Music genres I dislike/hate

  1. Hip hop - Talking with a beat isn't good musical entertainment when you've got a boring beat (some hip hop songs have better beats, but a lot of them are boring), and the lyrics are often bad.

Characters I dislike/hate

  1. Angela - mh:besttvshows:Talking Tom & Friends - I am actually the reason this page was created; I added her bad qualities to the original TTAF page on BTVSW and someone moved it to a page for me.
  2. Norm - Norm of the North - What an a**hole.
  3. Lemmings - Norm of the North - Who urinates in a fish tank?
  4. mh:loathsomecharacters:Stephen and Linda Stotch - South Park - "No, you call a doctor. I'll ground him."

Websites I dislike/hate

  1. Twitter - Cancel culture, doxing, and overall just a problematic social media website.
  2. TikTok
  3. - Rip-off of the Wayback Machine.
  4. ArtStation - Rip-off of DeviantArt.
  5. Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki - Filled with pages with unsourced claims.
  6. Most negative user reception wikis - Content is typically a better focus than users, as that is the traditional reception wiki way.
  7. Garbage Memes Wiki - Wiki with a lack of sources and the wiki is also pretty anti-meme.
  8. Fun Shitposting Wiki

Companies I dislike/hate

  1. mh:horriblecompanies:People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Self-explanatory really.

Celebrities/groups I dislike

  1. Shane Dawson
  2. mh:lyricmeaningtranslate:JackG - He sounds horrible and is one of the worst artists of all time.
  3. mh:horriblemusic:Misha (pre-2020)
  4. mh:horriblemusic:Jacob Sartorius - One of the worst teen singers ever. Way too much autotune.
  5. Durv - Clickbait and also his videos just overall suck.