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Why choose Miraheze?

This is a feature comparison of all MediaWiki Wiki Farms.

Wiki/Features Miraheze FANDOM ShoutWiki NeoSeeker Wiki WikiTide/WikiForge
Founded 2013 (as Orain), 2015 (as Miraheze) 2004 (as Wikicities), 2006 (as Wikia), 2016 (as FANDOM) 2007 2008 2023 2006
MediaWiki Version MediaWiki 1.40.1 (e88ba56) (Stable) MediaWiki 1.39.3 (Stable LTS) MediaWiki 1.35.10 (LTS) MediaWiki 1.38.4 (Stable) MediaWiki 1.40.1 (Stable) (WikiForge wikis can use LTS version) MediaWiki 1.15.1 (Obsolete)
Forked/Patched MediaWiki No Yes Yes Yes No No
Multilingual Yes Partial Yes No Yes Partial
Ads None Heavy (Paid Ad-free option No Longer available since 2014) Some (Paid Ad-free option) Some None Heavy
Price Free Free (Formerly Some Paid Features) Some Paid Features Free WikiTide is Free, WikiForge is Paid Free
Private Wikis Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Control Panel Advanced Simple None Simple Advanced Simple
WYSIWYG/ VisualEditor Yes Yes No No Yes No
Semantic MediaWiki Experimental No Longer Requestable since 2013, used on some wikis on FANDOM By Request No Experimental No
Custom Namespaces Yes By Request, 3 Maximum Namespaces By Request No Yes Yes
Custom User Rights Yes Limited By Request No Yes Yes
Skins Vector, MonoBook, Modern, Cologne Blue, Timeless, Monaco, Cosmos (Oasis Fandom Skin Port), Nimbus, Truglass and more on Miraheze Proprietary (FandomDesktop and FandomMobile) MonoBook is no longer available since 2018 Proprietary (Aurora), Monaco, Truglass, Vector, MonoBook, Modern, Cologne Blue, Timeless, Nimbus, Minvera Proprietary (AdBird) Vector, MonoBook, Modern, Cologne Blue, Timeless, Monaco, Cosmos (Oasis Fandom Skin Port) and more MonoBook, Chick, Classic, Cologne Blue, Modern, MySkin, Nostalgia, Simple, Vector (unofficial using a vector like css for Monobook.css, but it is buggy since it uses older version of MediaWiki)
Community-led Yes No Partial Partial Yes No
HTTPS Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Domains Yes No Longer available since 2016 Yes No Yes No
Specialty Any Subject Entertainment and Gaming Any Subject Gaming Any Subject Any Subject
Detailed Comparison N/A Comparing Miraheze to Fandom Comparing Miraheze to ShoutWiki Comparing Miraheze to NeoWiki Comparing Miraheze to WikiTide and WikiForge Comparing Miraheze to EditThis