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The purpose of a global ban is to prevent harm to miraheze when a problem cannot be addressed by the community through less restrictive means, and consequently is usually permanent. A global ban is not a form of punishment, nor is it meant to provide a “cool down” period. This policy addresses the criteria and procedures of a global community ban, and how to appeal and overturn the decision.

Criteria for global bans[edit source]

Global bans are only considered when all the following criteria are met:

  1. The user has persistently engaged in severe cross-wiki abuse or disruptions. This also applies for disruptions on IRC, discord, or phabricator.
  2. The user has been carefully informed about how to appropriately contribute, and has had fair opportunity to rectify any problems, but they chosen not to participate appropriately in the project.
  3. The user is indefinitely blocked or banned on 3 or more miraheze wikis, and those blocks are made because of the user’s persistent disruptive behaviors. Blocks on users who have no local edits are not counted.
  4. There is clear remediation attempt between the nominatior and the nominee and the communication is ineffective.

Merely meeting the above minimum criteria does not mean that a global ban is required. Below are some past reasons for a global ban:

  • Harassing or threatening contributors to the projects, on- or off-wiki;
  • Impersonating other users that is not only simple abuse of multiple accounts.

Progress[edit source]

Consensus for a global ban is conducted through the Requests for Comment process on Meta. A global ban request must only be accepted when a user presents a clear and current danger to miraheze, a decision is backed by a broad and clear consensus that fairly represents the vast majority of users, and careful consideration of concerns and possible consequences are evident in the decision. In order to initiate a discussion on global ban, please do the following:

  1. Confirm that the user satisfies all criteria for global bans mentioned above prior to opening a Requests for Comment.
  2. File a new request for comment on Meta. The title should have the username of the user nominated for a global ban. The nominator must document the significant incidences that satisfy all criteria for global bans in the subpage.
  3. Inform the user about the discussion on wikis where they are active. A notification to the user on Meta-Wiki is a must no matter they have activity on Meta-Wiki or not.
  4. Follow the Requests for Comment Policy.

Starting a global ban which fails to follow the above guidelines is considered as an invalid request, and will result in a speedy deletion of the page.

Implementation of the global ban[edit source]

If the global ban have reached the below requirements:

  1. 10 or more users commented on the discussion in the request for comment;
  2. with a support ratio of 80%;

the steward team will close the discussion and enforce a global ban.

Overturn a global ban decision[edit source]

Discussion to overturn a global ban decision is conducted through the request for comment process on Meta, in order to include the widest possible audience. A request must follow the same consensus process for requesting a ban, described above.