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Hello, I am the co-founder of Trowiki projects (which includes Hong Kong Culturepedia, English WikiGuide...), a list of them may be found at the section below.

For normal inquiries, ask at my talk page on Meta.
For users globally blocked on Culturepedia projects: If you are blocked there and you think the block violates our blocking policy, or you know what you are blocked for + you won’t do it again, you may contact culturepedia's sysops by:
  1. Email: admins.cultwiki(_AT_)
  2. Our IRC Channel: #cultwikiwiki

More about me

I am the founder of Culturepedia projects, and also WikiGuide. If you are wondering where am I from, I am a Hong Kong editor. I have started my edits here since March 2021, whereas I have contributed to Wikimedia projects for about 8 months. As you know I am a Wikimedian, I considered Cantonese Wikipedia as my home wiki. I often wandering around the small wikis, to deal with vandalism. As from 2020, I have kept using the SWViewer to revert bad edits and I have been so busy. I spend 6/10 of my time at Wikimedia Foundation’s projects.

Trowiki projects

Content projects

  • Culturepedia projects include articles' standard can be called FBO. For instance, Hong Kong Culturepedia contains articles for Hong Kong, by Hong Kong, and of Hong Kong. The list of culturepedia projects can be found at here.
  • WikiGuide is a online-free teaching guide, to teach people how to do, make, or create something.