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Miraheze Community Volunteer
If you need help on wiki-related issues, don't hesitate in leaving me a message. I am active in community noticeboard, as well as Stewards' noticeboard to help users who encounter difficulties on their wiki and engage myself in helping miraheze's related issues.

About me

Hello, I'm Matttest, a miraheze community volunteer and editor. I joined miraheze on 1st March 2021, when I discovered miraheze from a miraheze-hosted wiki. Since miraheze have no annoying google ads, supports custom domains, users can navigate easily using ManageWiki, I get myself on miraheze and created a few wikis. At first I am only active in my own wikis, but then I started to be active at meta and engaged in the community. Currently, the most successful wiki is the Chinese Unbooks, which have 2 active users there.

My work

I am bureaucrat in the Chinese Gyaanipedia and Public Test Wiki, as well as sysop in the Chinese Unbooks. Other wikis I founded or adopted suffers from difficulties such as lack of activities, so I won't talk about them more here, but you can check my global user rights and status in here.

Contact me

Feel free leave me a message at my my talk page, and I will help you as well as I can. Other contact methods include:

  • Email: matttestmiraheze[at]riseup[dot]net

I don’t use discord as discord collects everything including your chat history with your friends.

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