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Hello[edit source]

My name is Lois (nickname, because I like the Superman; Lois and Clark). I like to edit and translate.

Today I reached the 1000th edit (26 September 2020)

My current works[edit source]

  • Translation;
  • Learning how Meta Miraheze works

What interests me[edit source]

  • Novel and comic translation
  • Geology
  • Meteorology
  • Pharmacy

My hobbies[edit source]

  • Translation
  • Typing
  • Crochet
  • Cat (I have a Siamese cat)

My Quote[edit source]

There is a world what I know from the inside; and I don't know how can I share it with you; because it is more important than words, it always turns out - íi am in it and here it is inside.

My world is indivisible, and I would immerse myself in it now, but let me be here with you: you understand even when I don't understand you!

There is a world that is always there today, where I'm alone but I'm here myself; there is order in my world and I know that order, my life is round from the inside.

We are not alone in the world, there is little word for this, it always turns out - everyone is a separate world, yet we understand as human, because what's really important it's here inside.