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This is a proposed budget for Miraheze for 2017.

Income Amount
Donations $700
Fundraiser income $500
Total Income $1200
Expense Amount
Operational and Backup Servers $1000
Operational Reserve (addl. RamNode credit) $50
Testing servers $125
Domain names $30
Fundraising costs $50
Staff $0
Incorporation/nonprofit costs $75
Total Expenses $1330
Net Income -$130
Reserves $1238.71

Note that our current server use is $725.90 per year, including backups. This budget would allow for 33% expansion over the course of the year. It also provides funds for test servers, so that we don't have to test migrations and such in production. Fundraising income and expenses refers to a crowdfunding campaign. We'll need $25 each for incorporation and California nonprofit status, with some additional for materials, stamps, etc.