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Music is my life
Chop Top, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Hi there. I joined Miraheze in mid 2021 and mostly help users over Discord.

Wikis I work on:

  • Soft Cell Wiki - my first and main wiki on Miraheze; "founder", bureau, sysop
  • Pizza Tower Wiki - moved from FANDOM in August 2023, I helped the admin team w/ initial setup, now contributing mostly on templates, patrolling and other hijinks; sysop
  • Gigantic Wiki - one of the FANDOM wikis I managed in 2017-2018, moved in October 2023 in the light of "throwback event", which lead us to full-on game revival; "founder", bureau, sysop
  • Battleborn Wiki - similarly to Gigantic Wiki, another FANDOM wiki I used to admin years ago, moved to Miraheze in the light of fan made revival; "founder", bureau, sysop

Note: currently very busy with Gigantic Wiki, so for the time being please contact me only if you have something regarding Gigantic Wiki, Battleborn Wiki (still WIP) and Soft Cell Wiki (sole admin here), thank you.

Contributions[edit source]

Things I've done on Meta: