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Hello, I'm John Lewis. I'm the (co-)founder of Miraheze.

I left the project in March 2023 due to activity reasons and unfixable cultural problems. Miraheze is becoming an environment where those in power feel an ability to hijack and get rid of people who disagree with them or threaten their own resignations to get a power play to get their own way.

I came back to try and fix these problems - but it seems the types of volunteers this environment is attracting is making it difficult to bring around real change.

I know when I go, the community will slowly lose control as I have had days in preventing SRE and Stewards taking unnecessary power grabs to overrule the community.

I will be filing a complaint with the company against numerous people with whom they have agreements in place whether non-disclosure agreements which allow them to access sensitive information about everyone here or volunteering agreements in SRE. Whether that will go anywhere - I do not know but I do know that it will decide the future of Miraheze and it will be a future I won't be in.