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The last time I resigned from Miraheze, I didn’t say it would be permanent. This time when I say it, it’s my honest held belief there won’t be a Miraheze to come back to in the future.

I resigned from Site Reliability Engineering May 3rd because of a toxic and unworkable environment. There was a lack of support for volunteers, lack of respect, lack of retention, training and welfare. But most importantly, lack of leadership. With regards to fundraising, there was undue pressure on SRE to raise funds on extremely tight timelines and the responsibility was placed on volunteers with technical access instead of the Board and Director of Site Reliability Engineering.

The reason I am resigning is unfortunately a ‘jump the ship before it sinks’ response. I don’t have faith in the current SRE team to sustain Miraheze, I don’t have faith in the leadership of the project to sustain it, I don’t have faith in funds being raised and spent effectively. There has been numerous occasions when major contracts have been agreed and entered into in the timeline of days and hours, not weeks and months you would expect from an organisation that is capable of planning and being sustainable.

There are members in positions of power that don’t have Miraheze’s best interests at heart. The community have been held at ransom by SRE for too long - the communities right to have a say in how the project is ran is no longer a right but instead a gift that SRE may choose to give us all when it suits their agenda. Not because that is what Miraheze is, but because it’s what they want Miraheze to be.

I recommend all community members fight for their right to have a say in how Miraheze in ran, I recommend community members elect representatives to the Board of Directors, I recommend all make sure the Board know the community are strong and that the Board do all in their power to ensure the community run Miraheze, not SRE.

I am not leaving because the battle is lost, I am leaving because I can’t continue the fight and don’t wish to be associated with a project that places it’s own interests above the community.

Signing off for the final time,

John Lewis,

Co-Founder, Original Project Lead, Community Advocate.